Tuesday, 30 December 2008

from reversible PVA glue to dropcloth

Procion MX on cotton, screenprinted with reversible PVA glue.

Another cloth for the shibori quilt in blue and white. It is an altered part of the stitched shibori shown before. This one was too neat, but alright for quiltcloth. The PVA glue dissolved already. I don't mind but for this one I wanted clear lines as in the middle part. That will not happen with reversible PVA glue.

So I tried something else. I screenprinted it on an interfacing - Vilene - and started printing with that one. It is a methode I learned from Jane Dunnewold last year in Munchen. I used normal acrylic paint to make a negative.

Procion MX on cotton, screenprinted with an interfacing.

This one has no clear lines at all but it is much better. I am going to use the both of them in my blue and white quilt.
In the end I was fond of the print together with the dropcloth underneath.

Procion MX on cotton, screenprinted with interfacing, underneath a dropcloth

Sunday, 28 December 2008

other shibori cloth

This one is formed by stitching.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Yokobiki Kanoko Shibori

Yokobiki Kanoko Shibori on cotton and afterwards dyed with procion MX

This is a piece which took me a lot of practise. This one IS the practise. I learned it from a DVD which really is worth while buying. It shows the process and I analized it picture by picture untill I understood the movements.
The DVD is called Arimatsu Narumi Shibori and you can buy it at Zijdelings.com. Karina also sells the needles you need.

We (my partner and I) have experimented with a lot of fishing stuff first to make needles used for making different shibori patterns. For instance we made a needle from a hook which is used to put the bait (worms) on. In dutch it is called a 'pierennaald'. And he made a wooden connection for the needles. It worked well for some techniques but I was lucky that Karina imported needles from Japan. This type of Shibori - Yokobiki Kanoko - I couldn't have done without one of these needles.