Saturday, 4 July 2009


At the 'quilten speciaal' course we had to make a Kesa. A Kesa is a large shawl (?). In ancient times in Japan, Buddhist people wore one. Yesterday I saw a newspaper picture of Chinese monks and they wore one too.

A Kesa surrounds you. It is a mandala with yourself in the centre of it. There is a traditional way to design one, the more columns in your Kesa for instance the more important you are (the emperor has got 25 columns) and even there is a 'formula'about measures. That is because not every one has the same length. A Kesa has to be sown by hand.

cotton painted with dye-na-flow, pebeo setacolor shimmer,
on top painted polyester voile

Because there was only little time to make one, it is not made to measure.
I made a small Kesa 50x65 cm.

Traditionaly the columns have to be sown by hand. I used bondaweb (...). On top of the Kesa I used a few stitches to show that these stitches are the proper ones to sew the piece together, only I used it for embroidery.

A few details of the piece:

and this one

and the back!

Take a look at other quilten speciaal students' weblog and see what they have done with the assignment


ONE less!

Velvet dyed with Procion MX, cotton painted with acrylics, coloured bondaweb and paper, machine embroidery

This summer I intend to finish all my projects that are not finished yet. And there are a lot of them (who hasn't?). But even then I have to make a choice which one will have the honour and which one won't. Simply because there are too many of them.

This one won't. I always wanted to make a backing for it, but I will leave it like this.
Up to the next one!